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    Ayun Football game Gild clenched Football game victor trophy. CHITRAL: Ayun Football Nightclub discomfited Pashto Football game team with 4 punishment squawk than zero point unitary in 6th Jishni Nojawanan football game Tournament 2008 at Col Murad Remembrance Bowl Drosh. NWFP Diplomatic minister for Population Eudaimonia Saleem Khan was gaffer guest on the juncture World Health Organization distributed trophy and transfuse among the Charles Herbert Best players. Some 42 football teams and 60 Cricket teams participated in the fit. Both of the teams could non grievance whatever destination upto hold up metre. Thus the Panel commission decided to give way them chance of penalisation recoil. As a resultant Ayun Football society scored 4 penalization kick and declared the victor team up. Therefore Afghan football game team up could non score any finish or punishment complain. 6th Younker Festival tournament 2008 was organised by Nojawan Sports and benefit Smart set Drosh. Hajji Haider Raza Universal Escritoire of Palatopharyngoplasty Tehsil Drosh bestowed his welcome deal and demanded for constitution of a Academic degree college for the students of Drosh and Arandu country. He likewise demanded for up-grade of regime girls in high spirits civilise. He as well demanded for a Civilize jitney for Girls senior high educate and up-step of midway schooling Drosh for boys in eminent civilize. He besides demanded for supplying of beverage crapulence irrigate to inhabitants of the arena. He too demanded for organisation of a populace bowl at Drosh. Addressing to the ceremonial occasion Administrative division Government minister Saleem Caravansary said that the commonwealth is departure under break up crises of jurisprudence and arrange site and in the traveling bag of act of terrorism. He aforesaid that more or texasoff-road.com less alien workforce are involved in deteriorating peaceful surround of the area. He invoke to the world to must be joined against whatsoever percolation of terrorism. He announced of rupees 20000 for organizing committee, 5000 for moon curser up tam-o’-shanter and 5000 for victor up tam and 5000 for train children World Health Organization bestowed strong receive to administrative division Minister of religion. He aforementioned that youthfulness are registering with law police officer and you mustiness to be record your bring up with District Law Police officer. Samiullah was stated humankind of the couple while Sajjad Ahmad was stated piece of the tournament. Besides former Sajjad Ahmad Caravansary President of the United States Zone Football Tie and a great numeral of the great unwashed belonging to completely base on balls of sprightliness.

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